DE1 PRECISION TOOLS CO.,LTD., founded in 2006, has dedicated itself to the production and R&D of professional all-tungsten steel end mills. With the most advanced technologies, we have been providing our superlative products to frontline aerospace, mold and heavy industries and growing together with them in the past thirteen years.


DE1 has been involved in the development of medical tools, and provided stainless-steel, titanium-alloy and composite-material cutters for medical purposes. As such, we have become the pioneer in the industry.


DE1 uses tungsten steel raw rod materials imported from Germany, state-of-the-art sharpening machines – Swiss ROLLAMATIC and German WALTER, and international-standard double-coated technologies. Furthermore, to ensure quality, we perform a comprehensive and accurate inspection by employing the German WALTER Helicheck pro / plus three-axis cutter detector.

Precise quality
Reasonable prices
Accurate service

DE1 provides highly professional service for each customer, including comprehensive tool types, sufficient inventory, design of special knives, research and development of double-end knives, and after-sales service for tool regeneration.


DE1 Milling Cutter

Easy to Use‧Satisfying Cutting Pleasure




Management Philosophy

DE1 PRECISION TOOLS CO.,LTD. takes it as its mission to help its customers process their materials. We provide ultra-high-quality DE1 tungsten steel milling cutters in Taiwan, including general materials such as high-speed cutting titanium alloys, alloy steels, forged steels, magnesium aluminum and copper, as well as the processing of difficult-to-cut materials. Our high-speed and high-precision procession of these special materials has won our customers'deep appreciation.


Our Mission

It's our mission to provide you with more exquisite cutters, fairer prices, faster service, and more sophisticated technologies to fulfil your processing needs.